Wed. May 25th, 2022

Are you someone who feels lots of pain every day? If yes, have you check on the food that you normally eat? Well, it’s important to become aware on the food that we are going to eat if we want to have a healthy lifestyle. In this article we will take a quick look on the acidic and alkaline food chart for us to find some remedies on the pain or health problems that we encounter every day.

Acidic and alkaline food chart will definitely help us to see the right ingredients to use on our recipes every day.

We all become prone to acidic foods because of the commercial foods that are being offered to us every day. Coffee for instance are an acid forming food when being digested by our system. Aside from it, soft drinks are another thing that has a high level of acid that we cannot totally eliminate, right? Fast food chains also offer foods that are highly acidic, which is not good, but we can’t say no to it right? This is because we are all living in a fast pace lifestyle, we are all busy with our daily schedule and forgets to be health conscious, and we only become a health watcher once we feel some pain that we cannot tolerate anymore.

Now, let’s take a look at our acidic and alkaline food chart¸ in this chart you will see the foods that have healthy alkaline content, acidic foods or should we say unhealthy foods, and of course those foods that needs to be consumed in moderation. If you see that the food in the acidic and alkaline food chart has (+) it means that it is in favour of alkaline and the higher the number in it the better, and if you see the (-) it only means that it contains acid.

• Let’s start with high alkaline contents:

Alfalfa Grass +29.3
Barley Grass +28.1
Fresh Cucumber +31.5
Sprouted Radish Seeds +28.4
Sprouted Chia Seeds +28.5
Wheat grass +33.8
Soy Sprouts +29.5
Kamut Grass +27.6
Dandelion +22.7
Summer Black Radish +39.4
Red Radish +16.7
Soy Lecithin (Pure) +38.0
White Beans +12.1
Wheat Kernel +11.4
Marine Lipids +4.7

• Now we are going to list the foods with a high level of acidity.

Beef -34.5
Ocean Fish -20.0
Pork -38.0
Chicken -18.0
Veal -35.0
Hard Cheese -18.1
Quark -17.3
White Bread 1-0.0
Pistachios -16.6
Margarine -7.5
Artificial Sweeteners -26.5
Chocolate -24.6
White sugar -17.6
Vinegar -39.4
Soy Sauce-36.2
Coffee -25.1
Liquor -38.7

• There are also foods that need to be consumed in moderation. russian food store

Ripe Banana -10.1
Cantaloupe -2.5
Fresh Coconut +0.5
Grape Fruit -1.7
Mango -8.7
Pineapple -12.6
Strawberry -5.4
Watermelon -1.0
Wheat -10.1
Hazelnuts -2.0

In this acidic and alkaline food chart you will notice that the food we normally eat actually has a (-) sign right, that doesn’t mean that we need to totally avoid it because there are also some elements on that certain food that our body needs. But, it is important that you know how to combine these foods on your daily menu to achieve a healthy intake of food.

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