Fri. May 27th, 2022



Venusian enchant is joined with Mercury’s accentuation on correspondence in the indication of Self Expression (Leo). 


The outcome?  venus planet


The brain and the heart are completely in order, our correspondence is amicable, and we feel sure and hopeful in articulating our thoughts. 


The travel advances great discussions and wise just as intriguing connections. Indeed, even the timid ones of us will think that it’s simpler to make some noise. It’s simpler to be sure and articulate when you talk from your heart. This is the message of this travel. 


In the photograph, we have Michael Jackson and Slash->. The two of them have the Mercury-Venus combination in Leo in their natal outline. 


The team worked together on “Highly contrasting” and “Surrender to me.” The two melodies catch the quintessence of the Mercury-Venus in Leo wizardry: self-articulation, realness, and the should be adored for what one is.



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